Portable Mini Heat Sealing Machine

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Color: white pink
Material: ABS + metal
Role: plastic bag sealing
Product size: 10*6*3.5cm
Made from high quality ABS material, durable and portable. Included a protective cover, support plate and battery bay.
When the protective cover is not in use, it can be up to protect the sealing position, and avoid hurting your fingers. A humanized design, perfect for air tight reseal of chips, snacks, foods and so on.
After installing the battery and then press the sealing parts for around 3-5 seconds, the sealing part will be hot. It needs 2 AA batteries to support power.
Good sealing capacity, light weight, easy carrying, you can use it to seal the plastic bag at any time. Keep your food fresh.
This mini handy bag sealer can seal any plastic bag and keep food fresh.
Packing list:
1* Laminator