Portable Baby Bathtub Inflatable

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Instructions for inflatable swimming pools This product adopts environment-friendly PVC material, independent air bag streamline design, seamless heat fusion technology for inner wall, double Layer of aerated crystal base, all safe and soft.The product passed the American children's toy association safety test, no toxic to the human body For babies and children to play, play and bathe.Remember not to pour boiling water into the pool first, avoid the pool Cause damage.Should put cold water before putting hot water, the temperature suits human body to bathe can. Inflatable swimming pool inflates and releases air

1. Take out the product and spread it on the floor. At this time, the inner wall of the pool is in a vacuum contraction state. 2. First, open the air valve at the bottom of the pool and inflate it until it is half full and in a state The rooms are inflated separately.When the first layer is filled, the valve shall be closed in time to prevent air leakage. 3. When venting, open the air valve cover and insert the air outlet pipe into the air valve for automatic venting. Size:98*65*28cm Package:1/Pcs(Free Air Pump, please don't open parcel with knife)