Imitation Rattan Weaved Hanging Pot

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Brand Name: SOLEDI

Hanging planter basket with attractive woven look.
A drainage hole in the bottom of the basket with plug for indoor and outdoor use.
A additional netting drainer let water through but holds the soil in the planter and prevent root rot.
This hanging basket makes a great stylish addition to any part of your home or patio.
The attractive decorative woven wicker has texture that's remarkably similar to real rattan, while this plastic basket is super low maintenance, mould-free, leak-free and easy to clean.
The liner and inner basket are easy to lift which makes planting a breeze. The large capacity ensures you have enough space to create the perfect flower arrangement every time.

Colour : white,coffee,grey
Size: Dia.* H (16.5 * 46 cm )

Package includes:
1 X Flower Pot
1 Set x Chain and Hook