30 Pcs Creative Jigsaw Ceiling Light Chandelier

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Dimensions: diameter :10 inch/25cm  


Comes complete with 30 pieces of Small, and full instructions.  

Approved for both indoor and outdoor use and constructed of a lightweight, high-quality polypropylene material which is heat resistant, durable, flexible and easy to clean.

The pieces are available in a variety of colours, Create a stunning light effect that compliments a wide range of both indoor and outdoor furniture.

They can be used as a conventional ceiling lampshade, accent light, or table mounted light.

INFINITY LIGHTS are made of 30 pieces and come in three different sized pieces for a round light


Warm tips: Not all colours are available in all sizes and we are not responsible for matching other pieces from other vendors ever.  If you want a guaranteed match, then order all pieces of a whole light together on the same order.


Package Contents:


30pcs Puzzle Lampshade