100FT Lightweight Garden Hose with Spray

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The water pipes for the expandable water pipes are very convenient and there are 7 kinds of water spray methods. It is definitely a personal tool near your home. By choosing to set the spray bonnet and the rich equipment, the device makes it easier to use the expandable hose if you want to give water or rinse the garden. main feature: The resistance of the outer knit fabric ensures a perfect break line without deformation, tangles and deformation  - Two-core latex: Hose is in an increasingly powerful and long-lasting market! It is designed to withstand the highest water pressure and has amazing results  - Hose connection: prevents rust, corrosion and wear, more durable than plastic  - Economical water: metal compression and rubber fittings to prevent leakage and storage of large amounts of water  - Space economics: automatically expands to 3 times the original length and jumps back when not in use, easy to store  - Multiple applications: Suitable for high-pressure electric washing machines, suitable for lawns, planting, window cleaning, flooring, etc. to meet all your needs Hose material: natural rubber + knitting Water gun material: ABS Colour: Black/Blue Size: 100 FT: up to 30 meters after water injection). Package Included: 1 * 1. Magic Garden Hose + Water Gun (as selected) 2 * 1. Magic garden hose (not including water gun) (as selected) 3 * 1. Water gun (not including hose) (as selected).